Unfortunately, Unfortunately and Unfortunately

This is the word that changes our lives, depending on our perception it can positively change it or negatively change it.

How many times have you heard of this word? This word has killed so many dreams, the same word has built other people’s dreams. It really depends on how you translate the word. 

We read of this word when we apply for job post, when our services are been terminated, when our loved ones don’t make it to life, it is usually associated with failure and sadness.  Look at this in this way, when they say unfortunately this has happen or this cannot happen, you need to take your time and think if that door you were trying to open was really meant for you.

The last time I heard this was when I lost my job, I thought my world is coming to an end, deep down I knew that job was not meant for me but I made a living out of it , so what the job entails was not that Important, although I had to make a lot of sacrifices even sometimes neglect my family because I was too busy but it was money that count. i had to run after money at my own happiness expense, at my family time expense at everything that i values was now less important. my emotions was troubled and overwhelmed by work load . Somehow I couldn’t keep up with the job policies and work ethic and I lost the job.  I asked my self what to do next? And I even went as far as asking God, that did you really had to close that door? And I thought God was just inconsiderate.  I am sure you have thought like that at one point or the other.

So there I am without that job that helped me pay all my bills, for a second I thought I should cry maybe crying will make me sleep well at night but the other thought said even if you cry bills are still waiting. So I went on and read that email again, it said “unfortunately we cannot reactivate your position to the company as you are not delivering what we expecting” and for as many times as I was reading the word Unfortunately kept hurting me even more until I decided to ignore that word and focus on the rest of the line.  I began to ask myself, what is it that I can do better than this job? And I realize there is a lot of things i planned to do and i never did because i was as overwhelmed and always to busy to even spend time doing what i love, and that was the birth of this blog. Although i had bills to pay and had to look and do other jobs, at least now i have time to do what i love. 

Even in this new route I expected a lot of unfortunately, but I decided to translate them into seeking more bigger range of opportunities that using it as a setback.

“Unfortunately, is not a dead-end, it is the beginning of new measures” A.R Mulovhedzi

Choose to look in further opportunities whenever you are showered with this word, choose to heal , and choose to start afresh, nothing is permanent in here but we can always pick up. Turn your unfortunates into fortunately I am still here and can do a change.

say this with me:

I am great

I am talented

I can do this

I am delayed but not denied

For as long as i am here i will keep on moving. 

Stay blessed Saints. 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. PW MSIZA says:

    great great


  2. Lulu says:

    Wow bravo!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rofhiwa Madzhie says:

    Words that we don’t wish to hear. Words that destroys one’s self esteem and the fighting spirit. This is great and eyes opening.

    Great content…big ups


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