Jobs you can do from home to earn cash

Jobs you can do from home to earn cash

Unemployment rate has been going up day by day, it is becoming more harder to get a job no matter how qualified you are. This blog post consists of few online jobs that I do in order to make a living. This can work for everyone who have the patience and though it wont make millions it will help cover few bills. Do not forget comment if you have any questions.

Below is the jobs you can check out:

  1. Online Teaching

Online teaching varies on the site that provides the teaching platform. Tutlo is one of the huge platform that provides online teaching.

What Tutlo offers:

An opportunity to earn a gross salary rate of 5-11 USD per hour for online teaching

Convenient work time: just get connected at your convenience

No schedules: They have a constant flow of new students

Meet people from all over the world


A native speaker of English from: the US, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa. [Non-native speakers are welcome to apply.]

 At least 18 years of age

Minimum of 6 months of English teaching experiences (offline/online classes, private tutorials, language volunteer programs)

Teaching Certificates (required) [No teaching certificate yet? TEFL Scholarship offered exclusively to interview passers.]

 Atleast 5 mbps internet speed both for upload and download

You must be a Good conversationalist

To apply click on the lick:

2.Mobrog Surveys

Mobrog is a service provided by the market research company SPLENDID RSEARCH GmbH from Germany. The main aim is to conduct surveys worldwide on the internet and via smartphone survey app.

Their online panel is integrated into a worldwide network, meaning that they can conduct large-scale surveys at a proportionately high quality.

As a token of gratitude and respect for their time, participants in surveys receive remuneration which they can redeem via PayPal.

In order to maintain high quality standards in the long term, they endorse the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice and provide services in accordance with the guidelines for international market research issued by MRS, CASRO, MRA & ARF.

You can make up to 3 USD per survey depending on the survey duration. For joining membership to MOBROG Use the link below.

3.Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are partnerships between you and companies were by you can partner with them and they authorise a code for you to share to your social media platforms, when people buy you get a compensation. There are a lot of companies that offers the affiliate programs. However, I will share links of few companies.

  1. Amazon- Amazon offer affiliate programs to people that have platform to share amazon products, platforms such as blogs and website. They offer tutorials on how to embed the link to your platforms in order to make sale and money.
  2. Ebay- Also offer partner program to sell things directly from Ebay for a commission between 1 to 6 % based on a different category.

Other Affiliate programs that requires you to be a member or already subscribed to services are:


WordPress is a content-management system that originated as a blogging tool. It runs on PHP and a MySQL database. Design elements are packaged as “themes”; since content and design are separate, one need only install a new theme to get a whole new design without affecting the content.

Been a wordpress affiliate member is easy, if you have a domain with them you automatically have a link to refer others and get credits for it. Or you can apply to be a member. To apply click the link below.

4. 1 Grid

1 grid is a web hosting, domain registration service provider, that provides clients with a platform to host their websites, register new domain and also manage their emails.

You can register a domain using the below link for your web pages and thereafter you will qualify for an affiliate program after your have became a client.

I will be sharing more technical work to do from home. Do comment with your questions. Stay safe.

Below is a link to youtube video were i explain further.

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