About Me

Hey Saints.

My name is Alert Rudzani Mulovhedzi , i am a Digital Content Creator and a Director at SpiderBlck Online. i was born and raised in a village called Madombidzha , i am a Mother of two beautiful daughters, Tshanduko and Arehone, I have been Married to my rib, my best-friend of all times Mr. T Tshifura for almost 5 years. My perfect chilled day includes watching lots of series , pen and a paper and i would never say no to a strong Tea with milk.

What i Do

I am currently full time employed as a Chief Finance Officer at Spiderblack Online, i inspire to acquire more knowledge in business management and cost savvy techniques, which i will share in my blog.

The main focus at Spiderblack Online is Software Development as well as Mobile application development, In the world  transformation and the forth industrial revolution, automation is the only way to sustain and improve business model and that is what we do best.

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087 701 5384

My aim is to share life lessons, experiences and advises with everyone that have ever felt like they are alone. you are not alone. 

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